Sunday, January 17, 2016

Keeping It Real

Authentic.... I'm beginning to like this word more and more. So much of the time I feel constrained by my life....the expectations of others. I don't feel I can be as authentic as I would like. But are any of us? How many people do you know that are completely authentic? How many of us are taken by surprise when we hear or see a friend proclaim to be something we know they are not? We're privy to information others are not and so we see the proclamation through different eyes. Or, how many of us hold back and do not let others in...for whatever reason. How good is it to really know someone fully. Should we always just hang it out there for all to see? Shouldn't we always keep a part of ourselves private, just for us? But at the same time, I am what I am, see me for that. Do not project what you think I should be. Let me be authentic, let me be real. And I'll let you be the same...just don't hide, don't fake, keep it real.

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Sweet Tea said...

I get what you're saying.
Funny, I had a conversation with my husband on Saturday
Discussing this very topic - authenticity. We've moved to
a new area recently and are trying to connect and make
Some friends. I just wish I could say to the people we
meet, "Be yourself. Don't try to impress us. Don't try
to be who you think we want you to be. We want to know