Sunday, July 31, 2011

Join Me....I Just Need Three!!!!!!

Heckety wrote about this Project, and I think it sounds fun! The idea stems from the idea of not paying back someone who does something for you, but paying it forward to someone else.

So here's my deal....I promise to make something for 3 people and send it to them within a year. To take part, you have to post about the PIF project yourself, and promise to send a gift(handmade or bought with love) to each of three people before the end of the year. So now.....if you have been just waiting with baited breath to see what totally, completely, unique, fun "thingy" I come up with to give my is your chance to find out!

So! Who is ready to Pay It Forward????? Come'll be FUN!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Where I've Been

On April 26 and 27, a series of tornadoes broke out in the southeast. On the morning of the 27th, a tornado decided to roar through our tracked for 2 came roaring up the backyard of our 3 neighbors across the street....we were so blessed in that none of our houses blew apart....roofs lost shingles and walls were bowing, but we made it. Many of the houses had damage from trees landing on and in houses....we did not...we have only 1 tree left, but our house still stands. Our neighborhood was totally impassable. All 4 ways were blocked by trees. We knew 2 more waves of storms were coming. The boys got in our truck and loaded up chainsaws and cut a path through the street behind us. Greg tried to get to us right after the storm and couldn't until the afternoon. For 10 days we had no power and Greg worked 21 hour days. He was in charge of 4 from Michigan, one from Ohio, one from Virginia and one from Tennessee. After the last wave of storms on the 27th, we had 161,000 people without service. As soon as Greg was able to make it here, he turned on the generator for us. I ran it first thing in the morning and alternated between the refrig and the freezer...and of course the coffee pot first thing :) We ate one meal out a day and scavenged the rest. I had 2 showers in 10 days, we had no hot water. Luckily one of my neighbors did. I read at night by flashlight while I waited for Greg to get home. He would sleep 2-3 hours and then go back in. We just went day to day, it's still hard to believe we went without power for 10 days....our group of houses were the last in the system to get back on. ....too many broken poles, downed trees, damaged wire and crushed transformers....add that to a very hilly terrain. I never knew tornadoes liked mountains so much. I do now. It has been very hard for me to get back in the routine. Our cut up trees were not picked up until last week. And some neighbors are still working to get their houses and yards repaired. The landscape is totally different...kinda like living in a new place. I'm sorry I have not been around....and I really appreciate those of you who have stayed with me. I'm working on getting school stuff together to start in 3 weeks, I'll have all 4 in this year. I've had to step back from some things and I'm hoping for a little more free time so I can get back to visiting all of you. So just hang with me....I promise I'm still here!