Saturday, August 27, 2011


I love her.....we became friends on Christmas 2010...little did I know what a void she would fill in my life. I am forever grateful to my children for introducing us. She's perfect....that one perfect cup of coffee at just the right does she so well? I still have my trusty pot of coffee for the morning, but my K-girl, she runs the afternoons (and evenings) for me. Just pop one of those little k-cups in there and she performs...perfectly! I was even introduced to a perfect website...One Cup Connection....for all of my supplies at the BEST prices....doesn't matter if I'm looking for coffee, tea, hot chocolate or apple cider k-cups...they have them all!! And in big 24 cup boxes at a great price...I LOVE their specials...I go for the buy 4 boxes get one free...yes that is a lot of k-cups....yes I drink a lot of coffee. They even have a blog with some great coffee recipes on it...yum....and my hubby is grateful for the money I'm saving!
Just one more reason to love my K-girl, sigh...she makes me so happy :)

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