Wednesday, March 31, 2010

They Say It's MY Birthday!

Just for ME!!

And now drum roll please....the Huge.....50!!!!! And I was going to post a smiling picture of myself except I have a ZIT on my chin....uh hello...I'm too old for that!!! This one kind of freaked me out...the birthday not the zit. But then I freaked at 30 and 40...and awoke with a brand new attitude each time..I hated my birthdays as a child and all the way till 29...Greg was really dreading me turning 30 cause I was so distraught at 29! But I woke up and went hey, I'm a grown up now...and I can say whatever I want! When I turned 40, I had the great revelation that I did not have to try to have the same body as I did when I was in my 20's...mind you, half of my 20's I was anorexic. I loved not feeling that "need" any more. And now with 50...I'm feeling strong, as in tough, as in don't mess with me...I'm FIFTY!! LOVE IT!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Table Topics Tuesdays

It's that time of the week again and boy has Shannon got a good one for us:

what three celebrities would you invite to dinner?

She did leave living or dead up to us who join her Table Topics Tuesday over at Welcome To The Nuthouse.

OK this one I gave a lot of thought... my first inclination was: Betty Davis, I've always been told I have Betty Davis eyes...yes now you hear the song, Katherine Hepburn a woman after my own independent heart, and Lauren Bacall another smokin' woman ahead of her time and gotta love her voice. But then when I really thought of who I would like to sit down with and talk, that had relevance for my life...I had to turn to musicians, ones I really felt I could connect with and talk with, about what is going on right now and what has gone on before ... so my 3 are:
Toby Mac...anyone who knows me could have guessed this one, would love to be in the presence of his energy!
Steve Perry....I HEART him...big time...of the music I listened to while growing in my decisive years of 20's and 30's, his music touched my inner core...I FEEL his music, then and now...and man that voice...I feel the tears coming on...if you want to hear what I mean, go to Youtube and pull up Journey's When You Love A Woman, but make sure it's with Steve Perry.
John Cooper of a pure rocker, I appreciate what this man can do with his music. I also appreciate the time and care he takes with his audience. He is REAL. And in this day and one rocks it better!!

So there you have it...and believe me if I ever get the chance to talk to any of these'll hear about it!!

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Firday Foto Finish.....Timber!!!

We had a tree that needed to come down... so Greg did it last weekend...
He knows what he's doing.....
These 3 don't.....
I love this...I caught it mid-fall!
I actually think they've been watching too many episodes of "Ax Men" on the History Channel!!
Have a Great Weekend!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Special Thankful Thursday Featuring Colin

Today is a special Thankful Thursday for is my 3rd son, Colin's birthday. He is 8 years old hard to read his birth story click HERE, it is funny. Today I am rejoicing in the child we named Colin....and here are my 5 Thankfuls featuring the Birthday Boy!:

1. Colin is my funniest child....if he wasn't he would not have made it to 8 years!
2. Colin has been my biggest challenge...and I am Thankful I am up to the task.
3. This child never stops talking...I am Thankful for it and hope it continues thru his teenage years.
4. And you never know what is coming out of that mouth, Thankfully it's usually good but it still keeps me on my toes!!
5. He loves God, Thankful!

Happy Birthday Colin!

Thanks Greg for hosting Thankful Thursday at your General y'all go visit!

Homeschool Art Class

My younger kids opted to have a full morning of art the other day.
They sat at the table and dutifully worked on their projects....
Oh My Gosh, where did they get such an awesome idea, LOL!!
This is just phase one, they completed them the next day....
Button Art...or as my 15 yr old calls it........Butt Art.......I've got the piece I was working on with them, over at MyArt...check it out HERE.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Table Topics Tuesdays

OK, now Shannon is outdoing herself today over at Welcome To The Nuthouse. Our topic is:

would you rather live for a week in the past
or in the future?

This one is kicking me....I really don't know which way to go...the past can be rather unpleasant but the future can be downright scary....there are probably a few times I've really let the B out in the past and would like to go back and negate....but at the same time I do not like living in the past, revisiting the past, and when I say past I mean pre-Greg days...but in saying that, I can think of a few weeks I would like to go back to with Greg...oh yeah....
But when I look at the future, I see the time including Greg and the kids...and ya know, I could live there all the time without thinking I guess I just gave myself my final answer.
Join us over at Shannon's place each Tuesday and link up....and if you visit her late on Monday, you get a head's up on the topic!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Pics Of Will By Will

OK son number 2, before this goes any further....if you are going to leave goofy pictures on MY camera....then you can expect for me to show them to my friends!!!
Love Ya!!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Thankful Thursday

I am celebrating Thankful Thursday once again. My 5 for this week are:

1. My youth group for participating in Spirit Jump's Cards For Cancer Day on April 10th.

2. One of my BFF's sister-in-law had her baby girl this morning...I just love babies...obviously.

3. This is cowboy boots....I always get a little swagger when I wear them.

4. Forward progress in the continuing 5 yr remodel of the basement, woohoo!!

5. Jesus The Christ....I so look forward to seeing his face one day!!

Thank you Greg for taking up the TT banner at your General Store. It helps to hold me accountable to what is really important in my thankfuls!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Table Topics Tuesdays

Thank you Shannon over at Welcome To The Nuthouse, I love this question....

is it harder for you to eat healthy or get exercise?

Oh my I have absolutely no problem eating healthy...with a few little treats thrown in here and there...but exercise!!!!!!!! Take me out back and shoot me. The funny thing is that I have always exercised until the past 10 years, I was obsessed with it in my teens, 20's, 30's ...but once my 40's hit, I knew no matter what I did I was NOT gonna get hard body 20's back, so hey just have fun and enjoy...whoohoo!! But the sad thing for me is that with 50 looming....I'm feeling the need to start back the madness...OH NO!!!!!!

Join us over at Shannon's each Tuesday for Table Topics and link up!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Giveaway, If You Must

Y'all know how I love Tonya from Lucky Girl Design Studio...she did a rockin' job with my look. Well, Shannon from Reviews From The Nuthouse is having a giveaway from Tonya.....for a blog makeover....Now I do not need one for the Jungle, but I do need one for MyArt. Tonya did my button and siggy for MyArt, but I need her to do the rest...I've already picked out the kit to use....and yes, the reason you're hearing about it from me is so I can get extra entries, LOL!! So if you really MUST enter, go hit up Reviews From The Nuthouse...and join in all of Shannon's giveaways..she's got some great ones going on!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hey Y'all....Come On In And Stay Awhile!

Hey all you Fellow BlogTrotters, I am thrilled to be your travel hostess today in my hometown,

Welcome To Chattanooga, Tennessee. Now there are lots of things I love about my city and tons I could tell y'all about. I am not a native Chattanoogan, and I've lived in many places in Florida and Georgia, but none have I enjoyed as much as Chattanooga. And today, I'm gonna show ya a few reasons why, in my native tongue, Southernese of course....
There are a few places you may have already heard of in Chattanooga...The Tennessee Aquarium.. the largest fresh water aquarium. Here you can see everything from sharks, penguins(sooo cute), river otters and catfish, just to name a few.
Rock City, yeah the same place you see on those barns, is up on Lookout Mountain (the mountain you see in the distance in the above picture). Now this is a picture of Lovers Leap at Rock City. You can see 7 states on a clear day...and boy you should see it decorated for the holidays.
Pardon me Ladies...but is that the Chattanooga Choo Choo?? It sure is. You can dine in the old depot or one of the old dining cars. It is a hotel also and you can sleep in one of the old cars if you want...oooooo romantic!!
Now for a few places that are off the normal vacationers beaten path..
The Hunter Art Museum...we enjoy going here and spending time..saw the Grandma Moses exhibit a few years's also on a bluff overlooking the river...very pretty!

We are also home to The University Of Tennessee At Chattanooga. We have about 10,000 students and the campus is beautiful....I should know, I worked, and walked, there before I became a SAHM.
And here is one of the best family fun places my family enjoys... The Chattanooga Lookouts. They are members of the Southern League, a double A farm team for the Los Angeles Dodgers. These games are family friendly and economical!
One of my kids favorite places is the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame Museum. It is located in Chattanooga because the first wrecker was built right here just a few miles from the museum. Now I was not real thrilled at first to go but oh my, it was fun....tons to see and learn!

Let's move across the river to Coolidge Park...look towards the river and oh my....The huge Delta Queen herself! This was the last steamboat to cruise the Mississippi River. We are privileged to have it docked permanently in Chattanooga. It is now a restaurant and hotel...and she is beautiful!! We also have a smaller riverboat named the Southern Belle. She is actually a dinner cruise boat and you can book a ride to go up and down the river, sit inside and eat, go up on the top deck and watch the river roll on's fun!
Coolidge Park...what a fun time for you and the kids...there are green spaces and walkways and in the building in the middle of the picture is a hand carved carousel that you can buy tickets for and ride. But all the kids favorite...the water!!! It actually shoots up from the in ground hoses and man what relief on a hot day!

Chattanooga is always rated highly for it's outdoors activities whether you are into land, water or air! We offer boating, biking, hang gliding, walking, swimming, name it, we've got some form of it!
But my favorite part of Chattanooga .... the scenery. Chattanooga is actually divided by the Tennessee River. We have 4 bridges downtown that connect the two shores, 3 are for traffic and one, the oldest, is a walking bridge. Chattanooga is beautiful. We have the river, the valley, and the mountains.

And at night...oh my...look at those lights!

Hope y'all have enjoyed my little hometown tour. There is so much more then just the little bit I've shown you, so y'all just have to come on by and check us out for yourself. And when you do, just give me a call and I'll have a big ol' glass of sweet tea waitin' for ya as we enjoy the view from my back porch, can't wait!!!