Monday, May 17, 2010

Table Topics Tuesdays..Honestly???

She's done it again...Shannon that is. Here's the topic:

is it harder for you to speak kindly
or honestly?

OK, I'm gonna lay it all out there for ya. I am Southern born and bred...and I'm talking old school Southern, deep South region. My maternal Granny was what would be described as a Gentile Southern Lady...she taught me a lot. And one thing she burned into my little child brain was how to be kindly honest with others. It was in her raising, and she was determined it would be in mine. She knew I was a wild child, but she also knew she could mold me...and she did. I cannot be brutally honest...I don't have it in me and my Granny would get me if I did when I see her again. But I can truly be kindly honest, I will not hurt your feelings but I will be honest with you....we called it "sugar coating" when I was growing up. It is an art form in the South. So if you want to know if your butt looks big in your new britches...girl ask me, you'll still be smiling afterwards...even if your britches are a bit snug and you now you know it!

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pam said...

Your Granny sounds like a great lady.

Andrea said...

I, too grew up in the deep south...and was taught these same values.

Shannon said...


Yes, "sugar coating" is a true art form down here!

Nishant said...

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Samantha said...

Growing up and still living in the south, we southern girls really know how to do some sugar coating !!
Hugs and blessings to you dear friend.

Fiona said...

Love this post and especially the southern lingo "your butt looks big in those britches"! LOL

He & Me + 3 said...

I think that is the best way to be. Kind but honest. But...sometimes the truth just hurts. LOL Like telling me my britches are too tight. How did you know? :)

CaraBee said...

Well said! I contend that it is as much about the how it's said as they what.

Heart2Heart said...


I loved learning this little inside secret about you. Now I know who to go to for an honest opinion that will keep my self esteem in tack.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat