Thursday, March 18, 2010


Thankful Thursday

I am celebrating Thankful Thursday once again. My 5 for this week are:

1. My youth group for participating in Spirit Jump's Cards For Cancer Day on April 10th.

2. One of my BFF's sister-in-law had her baby girl this morning...I just love babies...obviously.

3. This is cowboy boots....I always get a little swagger when I wear them.

4. Forward progress in the continuing 5 yr remodel of the basement, woohoo!!

5. Jesus The Christ....I so look forward to seeing his face one day!!

Thank you Greg for taking up the TT banner at your General Store. It helps to hold me accountable to what is really important in my thankfuls!


Heckety said...

Your COWBOY BOOTS?! You make me laugh- but you know being honest is good too...sez I...

Jenny said...

Great list. Sorry your son did not want to participate in baseball, it is so hard when they really want to sign up for something and then they don't like it.

The cowboy boots made me laugh ;)

Andrea said...

Great list! I, too love babies!! I am thankful it may be warm enough to wear flip flops, today.
Hugs, andrea

Samantha said...

Lovely list, I love babies too !!
Have a truly wonderful Thursday my dear friend.

2Thinks said...

Love #3 and totally relate to #4 (you decorate/remodel like we decorate/remodel)

Jesus. Yep.

Nice blog. I think this is my first visit here.

2 Thinks Heidi

Greg C said...

You are very welcome Jane. I wish I had some cowboy boots. :)

wendy said...

cowboy boots and a little swagger go girl.

those were 5 very good things

He & Me + 3 said...

I would love to see those cowboy boots. I am sure they are adorable.
I am thankful for jesus too!

Tracita Linda (Tracey) said...

Hey Jane, thanks for stopping over my virtual casa. I love your list, short and sweet. Maybe I should try the bullet technique for TT sometime. The color scheme of your blog is also very easy on the eyes.
Thanks for sharing that about your husband, I do have a question, is that disorder something you're diagnosed with for life or just for a certain amount of time?