Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Special Thankful Thursday Featuring Colin

Today is a special Thankful Thursday for is my 3rd son, Colin's birthday. He is 8 years old hard to read his birth story click HERE, it is funny. Today I am rejoicing in the child we named Colin....and here are my 5 Thankfuls featuring the Birthday Boy!:

1. Colin is my funniest child....if he wasn't he would not have made it to 8 years!
2. Colin has been my biggest challenge...and I am Thankful I am up to the task.
3. This child never stops talking...I am Thankful for it and hope it continues thru his teenage years.
4. And you never know what is coming out of that mouth, Thankfully it's usually good but it still keeps me on my toes!!
5. He loves God, Thankful!

Happy Birthday Colin!

Thanks Greg for hosting Thankful Thursday at your General y'all go visit!


Audrey said...

Ok - how many children do you have?!
Never mind - just read your profile :)

Boys can be a challenge, and I'm so glad I have 2 boys. Our oldest never stopped talking from the time he learned how. He's almost 20 and still talking :)
Happy Birthday Colin!!! Here's to 80 more!

Shelley said...

Happy Birthday Colin. My Abby is 8 years old as well. Our babies are growing up.

He & Me + 3 said...

Happy Birthday Colin! Don't you love those funny kids? Great piece of art.

Heckety said...

Just read your Thankfuls and Colin's birth about hitting the ground running...well almost!
Happy birthday dear Colllliiiiiinnn, happy birthday to you.
OR, in this house we do Winnie the Pooh: 'Hippy hoppy happy bethuthday to you, and many many happy returns of the day!'

Teresa @ ♥ TOO MANY HEARTBEATS ♥ said...

Oh, he is a handsome fellow! HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLIN!

Hope you are enjoying a wonderfully blessed week!


Teresa <><

Mary said...

Colin sounds a lot like my middle son. You never know what will come out of his mouth; he keeps us laughing! He's also the most challenging of our 3 boys.

Gina Stinson said...

Happy Birthday Colin!
Beautiful tribute to your son! Hope you have a sweet day with him.

Greg C said...

Haha,he sounds just like my youngest. Thanks for joining in.

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

Most awesome Jane... Happy Birthday Colin. I love the button art too. =)

Maybe Colin will be a Comedian for God when he grows up! Just sayin...

Happy Weekend!