Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hey Y'all....Come On In And Stay Awhile!

Hey all you Fellow BlogTrotters, I am thrilled to be your travel hostess today in my hometown,

Welcome To Chattanooga, Tennessee. Now there are lots of things I love about my city and tons I could tell y'all about. I am not a native Chattanoogan, and I've lived in many places in Florida and Georgia, but none have I enjoyed as much as Chattanooga. And today, I'm gonna show ya a few reasons why, in my native tongue, Southernese of course....
There are a few places you may have already heard of in Chattanooga...The Tennessee Aquarium.. the largest fresh water aquarium. Here you can see everything from sharks, penguins(sooo cute), river otters and catfish, just to name a few.
Rock City, yeah the same place you see on those barns, is up on Lookout Mountain (the mountain you see in the distance in the above picture). Now this is a picture of Lovers Leap at Rock City. You can see 7 states on a clear day...and boy you should see it decorated for the holidays.
Pardon me Ladies...but is that the Chattanooga Choo Choo?? It sure is. You can dine in the old depot or one of the old dining cars. It is a hotel also and you can sleep in one of the old cars if you want...oooooo romantic!!
Now for a few places that are off the normal vacationers beaten path..
The Hunter Art Museum...we enjoy going here and spending time..saw the Grandma Moses exhibit a few years ago...it's also on a bluff overlooking the river...very pretty!

We are also home to The University Of Tennessee At Chattanooga. We have about 10,000 students and the campus is beautiful....I should know, I worked, and walked, there before I became a SAHM.
And here is one of the best family fun places my family enjoys... The Chattanooga Lookouts. They are members of the Southern League, a double A farm team for the Los Angeles Dodgers. These games are family friendly and economical!
One of my kids favorite places is the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame Museum. It is located in Chattanooga because the first wrecker was built right here just a few miles from the museum. Now I was not real thrilled at first to go but oh my, it was fun....tons to see and learn!

Let's move across the river to Coolidge Park...look towards the river and oh my....The huge Delta Queen herself! This was the last steamboat to cruise the Mississippi River. We are privileged to have it docked permanently in Chattanooga. It is now a restaurant and hotel...and she is beautiful!! We also have a smaller riverboat named the Southern Belle. She is actually a dinner cruise boat and you can book a ride to go up and down the river, sit inside and eat, go up on the top deck and watch the river roll on by...it's fun!
Coolidge Park...what a fun time for you and the kids...there are green spaces and walkways and in the building in the middle of the picture is a hand carved carousel that you can buy tickets for and ride. But all the kids favorite...the water!!! It actually shoots up from the in ground hoses and man what relief on a hot day!

Chattanooga is always rated highly for it's outdoors activities whether you are into land, water or air! We offer boating, biking, hang gliding, walking, swimming, caving...you name it, we've got some form of it!
But my favorite part of Chattanooga .... the scenery. Chattanooga is actually divided by the Tennessee River. We have 4 bridges downtown that connect the two shores, 3 are for traffic and one, the oldest, is a walking bridge. Chattanooga is beautiful. We have the river, the valley, and the mountains.

And at night...oh my...look at those lights!

Hope y'all have enjoyed my little hometown tour. There is so much more then just the little bit I've shown you, so y'all just have to come on by and check us out for yourself. And when you do, just give me a call and I'll have a big ol' glass of sweet tea waitin' for ya as we enjoy the view from my back porch, can't wait!!!


Heart2Heart said...


Loved your good old fashioned, hometown tour. I will stop by sometime when I am in the area for some sweet tea and just hang with you on the back porch.

Since I am a huge romantic not sure which I would love more, the steamship, the hotel in old train cars or lover's leap. Probably have to go for all three with my sweetie!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Heather said...

I LOVE Tennessee! I've only been to Chattanooga once, and that was passing through on our way to another city. I'm gonna have to bring the kids there; looks like they'd have a blast.

Great tour, Jane!

New England Girl said...

This is amazing! I am going to have to add Chattanooga to my list of places to visit. I have always wanted to explore TN, and this makes me want to go even more. Your tour was brilliant and your little gem of a city is gorgeous! So many fun things to do. Thank you for sharing. :)

SmallWorld at Home said...

I love Chattanooga. We've done the Challenger Mission trip twice and visited the aquarium & Imax, and children's science center on those occasions. I really really really want to do the whole Civil War site visits, too!

brainella said...

We go to the Tennessee Railway yard occasionally to see the trains -- our son loves trains. Chattanooga is a neat place; we've been there quite a few times. Now we have more ideas the next time we make a trip up there!

Happy Thursday!

mep said...

Oh what a beautiful place! Looks like a fantastic spot to bring the family. I want to sleep at the train depot for sure.

Thanks for a wonderful tour! I am trying not to be too envious of the view from your back porch!

Sandy said...

What a great post! We talk about visiting TN to explore as a place to retire to. But your tour really made me want to book a flight! Definitely somewhere I would like to see. Thanks for the info.

CaraBee said...

I JUST finished a book, American Gods by Neil Gaiman and Rock City featured prominently in it. What a fun coincidence.

Chattanooga looks like a beautiful city. Is there an east side/west side of the river rivalry?

Thanks for the tour!

Melanie said...

A beautiful city...we had a wonderful family vacation that ended with a stop at Rock City.
I went to school in Cleveland, TN...Lee U.

He & Me + 3 said...

Wow Jane that was awesome. Have you done all of that too? I hope I get to visit you some day:)

Vicki said...

Beautiful pics and beautiful view. Looks like a place where we could retire. We should get down there to check it out!

Brandy said...

The beauty of TN is really shining in those pics! I've never heard of Lookout Mountain but it looks pretty cool.

Thanks for sharing!

Christy said...

Hey Neighbor!
Great tour! I've been trying to convince my hubs to take the girls to Chattanooga for a vacation. I love that city, and your tour just reminded me why :-). Thanks for taking us along!

Heckety said...

This is so interesting! Thank you for puting together such an informative tour, I so enjoyed myself! And whenever I get to your neck of the woods I'll be sure to call in...but hey, you'll hear me coming a mile away!

Tricia said...

I just love saying CHATTANOOGA!

Tennessee is beautiful and is one of the places I'd like to live if I didn't live where I live.
Does that make any sense?

Thanks for the tour!

Shelley said...

Jane, I love your city. If I had to move anywhere again, Chattanooga would be first on my list.

Shannon said...

Seriously, I think it's awesome that the tow truck was invented right here in the 'Nooga.

Gramma 2 Many said...

We lived in Georgia for four years. Have driven through the area several times, but unfortunately never really got to explore.
We have been to Lookout Mountain and Ruby Falls though. That was quite an experience.
Thanks for the tour.

Melissa said...

This makes me want to live in your area! So much to see and experience. I know I didn't even scratch the surface in PF! I miss you, sister!

Samantha said...

Loved this tour !
We went to Chattanooga last year on vacation, enjoyed so many of these.
Rock City is my all time favorite !
Thanks for sharing your town, blessing to you dear friend.

Becky said...

Beautiful pictures :) Loved it!

Heart2Heart said...


Congratulations on winning a copy of the book The Autobiography of An Execution!

If you can please email me with your mailing information with NO P.O. Box, I can get this out to you.

Again, congratulations, I know you'll love this book!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Greg C said...

After reading this I said to my wife; Let's go visit rock city. She said we have been there but I don't remember it. Perhaps she is thinking of someone else, Ahem. LOL When we come can we visit you? :)

Alicia said...

What a cool place!! It looks like a great place for a tourist!

Jill said...

I love Chattanooga! My family lives in North Alabama and we will go to Chattanooga when I come to visit. The aquarium is the best one I've ever been too! Thanks for sharing more about your great city. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

Audrey said...

Wonderful post!! Now I want to come a visit :) Your city and surrounding area are beautiful!

wendy said...

I'd love to take you up oh the sweet tea and vist. Sounds lovely.
and since I will probably never make it to your neck of the woods...I enjoyed the tour.

I better look at my road map and see just where Chattanooga is. I have a niece in Nashville and one in Knoxville.

Sharlene said...

I love your tour! I have only driven through Chatenooga but I remember thinking it was incredibly beautiful. Certainly a place I would like to visit in the future. I bet it looks gorgeous in the fall!