Friday, July 31, 2009

Travel Plans = Stress

Tomorrow, my 22 yr old only-nephew gets married down in Conyers Ga. We will be leaving early in the morning and come home Sunday afternoon. I have 1 brother, his wife and I are great friends, I am going for her. NONE of my family has ever met my daughter, the last time we saw anyone, Colin was 18 mos. My mother and father cut all ties with me 6 yrs ago, she died a year later and my father carried on the tradition. My father will be there just for the wedding. My brother does not speak to me either, he can't understand why I don't contact our father. I have tried.....he does not respond. My 2 aunts and a cousin will be there and I will be thrilled to see SIL's family will be there and they can't wait to see me. I turned my family situation over to the Lord years ago.......but when something like this comes up it's like huge waves of hurt and anger sweep over me. I will behave myself.....but inside I will be a wreck. I will make it through this, I have my husband and my kids to lead me......and as always, Jesus has my back! So if you would, please just say a short "Keep them safe Lord" prayer for my family this weekend as we travel.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday

This is my first time, but plan to be a regular. One of the new changes. This is sponsored by Sonya at Truth 4 The Journey. Let's get to it, my 5 Thankfuls.

1. My husband...and that will be a whole new blog post. Let's just say we have been together for over 22 years, can't even begin to imagine if I did not have him. I have a bloggy friend Kori, who will lose her husband soon to colon cancer. My heart is in torment for her.

2. A new friend and sister-in-Christ, Rebecca Powell. God worked through Rebecca to help me see a change of course was needed, in my life and on this blog. Thanks Rebecca! And yes, feel free to go visit her blog and give her a little thankfulness!

3. My youth group. We had movie night last night and let me tell ya, all the kids there are some of the best behaved and fun young people I've ever been around. It is a pleasure to be with them.

4. The rain. It has been mighty dry around here, the relief is welcome!

5. Always and forever, Jesus the Christ, Amen.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Typical Day.... Have I Lost My Mind

I think I kinda outdid myself today. We have the youth Movie Night tonight 6-9. I'm picking up Zaxby's chicken to feed the masses. We're watching "Bedtime Stories". Will has a friend over to go with us, and sleep over, and stay all day tomorrow until his mom gets off work. Derek has a friend coming over at 1:00 to attend Movie Night and sleep over. Yes, that means I'm up to 6 six kids for today and tomorrow. And it's raining. Then I got a call late yesterday afternoon to remind me of mine and Will's dental cleaning appointments, today at 1:45. So that means I will have 5 kids in the waiting room at the dentists office while Will and I are being cleaned.......good thing my dentist loves me!!!!
Random picture, just because, of the kids filling up the pool.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes...

There are changes coming in the wind for this blog... This past Friday I was at our homeschool curriculum fair. Now I'm sure some of you are not even aware we homeschool, yet that is so much a part of me. I attended a seminar of the infamous, ok famous in my circles, Rebecca Powell. I've been to Rebecca's talks in previous years and have stopped by her booth a few times. But this year Rebecca and I had connected through our blogs (her button is to the right). As my friend Abbe and I were sitting in on her "Mommy Burnout" seminar, I turned to Abbe and commented that Rebecca is just as funny on her blog as she is in real life. You see that is what Rebecca is, real. As we were getting our computer hooked back up and tracking down the original virus, I've had time to think. I've not been very real with y'all. Sure at times I've been funny with cute pictures and cute kids stories, but there is so much more to me, there is a more "real" me. So changes are coming....for me and the jungle. I will be getting a new look and new tag line, although the name will remain the same. You will get to meet the real Jane that you would know in real life if you were here.

Just a preview, as I said earlier we homeschool. Derek will start high school in August and I've been stressed to the max about this. I am very blessed to have a fellow mom who has been through the high school years already, come over one day and help me get myself organized. She was also so encouraging so now it doesn't feel quite as daunting as before. Derek is very hard to motivate, hopefully high school will change that! Will is going to start 7th grade and Colin will start 2nd. Will is the epitome of a homeschool student, some supervision and he'll get his work done. Colin is another story. I've always told my husband it's a good thing he's being homeschooled cause he would be in the principals office daily. He is on his own schedule. Shea tries to do everything Colin does, so she "schools" also in her own way.

I also teach our churches youth Sunday School class and our youth Wednesday night class. I am also the youth director so I do a lot of activities with our youth. In fact this Wednesday is movie night and next Wednesday is a pool party.

I am a child of God. The Lord is my Father above all. I am not the type of person to come up to you on the street and evangelise. I am not the type of person to get in your face and preach to you. But I am a woman of God who tries to LIVE her faith. I fail most days. But I know that each day I get up in the morning, is another day that God gives me to do it better. I will not judge you, lest you judge me and find me failing miserably. But if you need someone who has been there and come out the other side a better person, then I am here for you. My strength is God's grace...always, and He is rock solid.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Ta-Ta For Now Ol' Faithful

Sending my ol' faithful PC to the computer doc tomorrow. So unless I can finagle a way for Big Daddy to let me use his work laptop, I won't see ya again until next week sometime..sniff, sniff...sob, sob!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Friday Foto Finish...I'm Back........

My friend Tracy sent these to me......just had to share!!!
What better day then Friday Foto Finish!!
Visit the rest of us at Candid Carrie''s worth it!

"Trim The Fat" Thursday or IE: I SUCK!

Here were my goals from last week:

1. Get in 4 workouts, either swimming or Pilate's.
2. MEASURE myself....from experience I know that the inches will come off of me while the weight will not, at least not as fast...I have to have some type of positives to keep motivated!!
3. STOP eating when I get in from somewhere...I have found when I get home in the evening from being out, whether it's church, grocery store, book store, I tend to eat something....why???

Here is what I accomplished:
blank space

I sucked this week...that's all there is to it. Went to the ENT to have my ear checked (shingles totally gone, hearing fine, some thickening of ear canal) and got weighed...from the first time I went on June 1, I've lost 2 6 1/2 weeks....2 lbs.... the wedding is in 2 weeks...I suck.

The only thing I did accomplish was to buy a 2 quart pitcher, filled it with water, and put it in the frig. Now I have COLD water 24/7. I've done this before and drink a lot more water this way, with lemon of course. My tea pitcher broke 1 yr ago so my old water pitcher is now my tea pitcher, priorities sweet tea vs water, yeah you understand. But now I am able to tell exactly how much I am drinking and I drink water better if it's cold withOUT ice...don't know, some ice hang-up from my past or something.

This week, baby steps...
1. Quart of water daily, drink it that is.
2. No night eating

Yeah, wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shea Is All About Having A Buddy!

Colin asked me this afternoon to fix shells and cheese for him, the Velveeta stuff in the box, no big deal. Derek was on the computer and the other kids were in the living room. As soon as it was ready, Colin came and got his bowl and of course Shea tagged along baying "I want some, etc, etc". Colin took his in the living room to eat while I was forcefully stating "DO NOT SIT IN YOU DADDY'S CHAIR". He didn't, he sat on the floor. So I walked Shea's bowl in for her since she'd already had 2 spills today. And man she has tripped over everything today also. I look around and plunk, there she goes again on the ground, what's up with that?? Oh yeah, the food. She runs to the living room, sits as close to Colin as she can get, looks at him and says "Hey there Buddy". That boy had his fork half-way to his mouth and it stopped there. He looked at her like she had grown a beard, he blinked a couple of times, shook his head and kept on eating. I looked at Will on the couch and he was grinning like a cat, yes mine grin, and I walked back to the kitchen to find Derek looking at me going "Did she say what I thought she said?" Oh yeah...that girl knows how to make a friend..uh, buddy!!

One last thing, would you say a prayer for the Keirsey Family tonight please. You've seen the button on my side bar "Praying For Avery", well little Avery Mae will be going to the Lord soon tonight. Her mom, dad, sister and all the other family members need to be uplifted at this very sad time. Thank you.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Monday Or At Least I'm Good For A Laugh!


Last night, my friend and I were sitting in the living room and I said to her, 'I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug.'
She got up, unplugged the Computer, and threw out my wine.

She's such a bitch.....

Friday, July 10, 2009

No Girly Girl 'Round Here!

I have NEVER been a girly girl. I had a brother 15 months older then me. I did much more boy stuff then girl stuff growing up. My mother used to tell the story of how she and my father would both have to hold me down to put a dress on thoughts, why bother. I used to wear the panties with lace crap on them, scratched my legs for hours. Used to cry when I could not stand up and pee like my brother. One of the reasons I love my church family so much is that they accept me for who I jeans in the winter, gauchos or Bermuda shorts in the summer with flip flops. So you get the picture. When I was expecting the Girl, for some hormonal reason, I thought I would like a real girly girl...I could dress her up, do her hair, all the cutesy stuff. Why I thought I would actually have a child like that...I have no idea. With all of my kids, between 2-3yrs they would pretty well establish what they wanted to wear daily. I am a mama that picks her fights and clothes are not one of them I pick. It would have to be pretty bad for me to say anything and I mean bad as in offensive to others or scanky. One of the boys wore his shoes on opposite feet for a year. It just doesn't faze me. When Girl was born I had her in the cutest dresses and outfits, knowing my time was limited. And yeah, 2 yrs came and it was onesies all the way, with pants or without pants did not matter. Then she outgrew those in a matter of months, went from 3T to 5T last fall, so she moved into shirts and pants or shorts. I fooled her into a dress on Easter by calling it a tunic and pairing it with capri's. And of course her favorite toys are trucks, GI Joe's, toy guns, Rescue Heroes and the all time faves Building Blocks. Now there are a couple of areas where we really go girl, LOVE shoes and jewelry....and we like our makeup and nail polish...she even painted her Daddy's nails. And then we'll doll it up and go out on the town in our blue jeans, T shirts and cowboy boots....A girl's gotta crank it up sometime!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Trim The Fat" Thursday

OK, no weight lose....but no weight gain.
Now as for my goals from last week....YES to them all!!

1. I actually ate breakfast EVERY day during breakfast time!!
2. I kept swimming with the kids and I have the soreness to prove it....
3. I suck at not eating late.

Now this coming week:

1. Get in 4 workouts, either swimming or Pilates.
2. MEASURE myself....from experience I know that the inches will come off of me while the weight will not, at least not as fast...I have to have some type of positives to keep motivated!!
3. STOP eating when I get in from somewhere...I have found when I get home in the evening from being out, whether it's church, grocery store, book store, I tend to eat something....why???

OK that's what on my plate for the coming week. If you would like to join the cast of characters, hook up at Angie's with us!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


New friend Gratitude Gal tagged me for the Honest Scrap award.... I am so blessed...I've never gotten this one before..honestly!!
My instructions are to name 10 things you may not know about me....I thought about this one a lot....but once I got started I just kept on rolling.

1. I LOVE sports, esp. baseball, college football, golf, horse racing.
2. You will not see me in public without my eyes and lips done...period!
3. But I am NOT a girly girl....posting more on that fact later.
4. Love to ride horses...especially on the beach.
5. Love Cats! And Dogs!
6. Hubby and I dated long distance, 2 hr drive each way, for 5 yrs....been together 22 yrs. been married 16 yrs.
7. I LOVE shoes...especially Boots!
8 .Coffee is one of my can guess the other.
9. Paula Dean is my hero..I LOVE to hear her mother's family is from south Georgia and yes, we all talk like that down there! Sadly, I admit I have lost some of my Ga. accent since I've lived so long in Tn. But it does come right back the further South I go!!
10. I've been pregnant 7 times....I wish they were all here on earth with me......

And there you have it, honest scrap about moi!! Now I am supposed to tag 10 people and let them know and link to them......I always have a problem picking people so I'm mixing it up. I am going to list 10 random names I pick from the phone book, if your name matches..YOU'RE TAGGED!!
1. Carlene
2. Betty
3. Barbara
4. Sandi or Sandy
5. Lisa
6. Cheryl
7. Mary
8. Margaret
9. Debbie
10. Cathy or Kathy
There you have it Ladies, let me know if I tagged you!!

Monday, July 6, 2009


One of the joys of having older and younger kids is being able to share the funny" little kid" moments with someone when Big Daddy is at work. The other day I was in the kitchen and D was at the computer in the dining area. Our house has a galley kitchen which flows into the dining room which has a small den at the far end, think one long room.
C and the Girl were having an early dinner at the dining table. C decided it was high time the Girl learned the words to the Blessing, instead of just mumbling through. Here's how that went:

C: Girl you say the Blessing.

Girl: God is great, God is good, Thank you for the food..... The End.

D looked at me and I silently ROFL!! Bless C's heart, he stuck with it until she finally got that Amen in there!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Funny!!

The Girl and I are eating breakfast. Big Daddy took the boys and their worms fishing.

Me: Girl, please close your mouth while you chew. I really don't want to see your food!

Girl: OK (as she covers her mouth with her hand and continues to chew

Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Trim The Fat" Thursday

Joining my friend Angie and the other crew for our get in shape adventure.

This week: ZERO pounds lost, bummer.

Now I did not get to the Pilates DVD YET! Instead, we did get our above ground pool set up and I played in it with the kids 2 hrs Monday and 1 hr Tuesday, oh yeah could feel it. I just kept moving!! I did notice I ate a lot more since VBS is over and the stress and activity level for it is gone. I am one of those people whose does not eat when she is stressed or upset. I've always said you could tell how happy I am by how fat I am, LOL!! So goals for this week:

1.Eat Less especially in the evening and start eating breakfast daily.
2.Continue in the pool with the kids or break out the DVD.

OK ladies, let's do it!