Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Monday In The Pit, Mud Pit That Is!!

C's party was Saturday at our church. Standard opening presents, cake, games and the Mud Pit!!
Hello Mud!! W is making sure it's nice and wet!

The Girl, just cause it's a cute picture!
The kids actually did a tug-o-war over the pit!
They kinda piled up on this side!
C pulling hard, bare foot of course and no it was not that cold, just windy and had rained for days!
Big Daddy, Girl, D and C.
Oh yeah, forgot to mention at the end, C decided to take his shirt off and really enjoy that mud!
He wanted to lay down in it but considering he was riding with me and we were going to Target, yes I threatened him!! We did have a hose hooked up to spray off everyone's feet. My boys brought extra clothes, they were thinking ahead, LOL! A good time was had by all!! I highly recommend having a mud pit for lots of birthday fun!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

C's HUGE Day-Friday Foto Finish

Birthdays are HUGE at our house! I want the kids to always remember their Day! They pick out what they want for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They can eat out each time (whoohoo no cooking) or I will fix whatever they want! For C we had McDonalds for breakfast-he wanted pancakes, Olive Garden for lunch and Big Daddy met us there, and we had church that evening but luckily we were having spaghetti which C loves and he hasn't figured out the trick yet that if you miss one birthday meal it carries over to another day, his brothers Have figured that one out!

Gifts are opened when everyone is up which also means you have permission to wake up any late sleeping siblings!! And yes, school is out also! This is the pruning saw he "needed".

This is just a typical look of C, couldn't resist posting it!

Bolt and Lego Star Wars for the Wii. Bolt is in the dvd player in the van and the Wii has been going and going. Oh yeah, another b-day perk, the birthday kid is in charge of the remote and the TV ALL DAY!!!

The Grill! Although he wanted it so he can use it for smoking meat. And yes, he smoked some bologna today for lunch although one slice did fall in the coals. His next project will be smoked hot dogs which I LOVE even though hot dogs are not high on my list of favorite foods. But ladies, smoked meatloaf is the bomb!! And I do not like meatloaf! Big Daddy came across a recipe years ago and convinced me to try it. It is the ONLY way I will eat it. So now I have C to smoke for me now and how bad does that sound?? And oldest brother D and Big Daddy want a new BIG DADDY smoker. We were getting BD one for Christmas but it will be Fathers Day probably. So as you can tell, C comes by the Grill/Smoker gene honestly, LOL!! He had a great day and his kid party will be Saturday. It will include a mud pit so oh yeah, there will be pictures!!

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Thank You!!

Look at this packaging! Isn't it the bomb??

Pink polka dots, it's sooooo me!

Aren't these tulips soooo cute!! You can't tell from the picture but they are sparkly!

And check out the tulip embroidered fingertip towel, beautiful!!

I LOVE my goodies!!

I joined in That Girl's Spring Swap and got my bundle of spring!! And it is so fitting cause here in Southeast Tennessee it is REALLY Springy! Thanks so much Amy from Betting On A Loss for my awesome stuff!! And thanks Whitney for being such a gracious Hostess!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WARNING Nasty Alert, C's Birth Story

I learned I was expecting C on the day I received the lovely "time for your yearly examine" post card from the doctor who told me since I had so much trouble getting pregnant with W that at my age, FORTY-TWO at that time, chances were I would not get pregnant again. I listened to her and kinda half-assed used birth control. Well, it only takes once and this old egg was still just waiting for those little swimmers to come around, Ho, I mean Big HO!! So, 7 years ago I awoke at 12:00am to my water breaking. I woke up big Daddy and laid in bed a while waiting for contractions. None came but an overwhelming desire to get to the hospital did! I called the doc and he said go on in. It was 1:00am March 25th 2002. We arrived at the hospital at 1:20. Big Daddy decided I could walk across the parking lot and as I got in the drive to the ER a 10 contraction, and ya'll know what I mean, hit. I doubled over and he asked me if I could at least get out of the driveway. THERE WAS NO TRAFFIC!! I would have hit him upside the head with my mega-bag if I could have stood up. I made it in, gave the receptionist my info, panted, she finally got me a wheelchair to take me to a labor room. Half way there, I pushed up on the arms of the wheelchair and told she and BD, he(the baby) was coming. They just kept talking and lolly-gagging down the hall. When the poor little student LD nurse in the labor room asked me to get on the bed I said no, I can't, the baby is coming. She ran to get a nurse. Luckily for me, a nurse that had worked for my doc when I had D & W was a LD nurse that night. She took me to delivery, stood me up, put her hand "down there" and realized C's head was out, in my britches! She told me to breathe and give her 5 mins to get a resident, I said I couldn't wait. We breathed through that contraction still standing and then she and BD got my clothes off, yes C's head was still out, and got me in a gown and on the table. She went to the other side and tried to put her gloves on and told me to bend my knees and C came shooting out like a rocket. She got him with one gloved hand. It was then 1:29am. A 9 minute delivery. I was torn from front to back all the way around. It took the intern gazing at my twat 45 mins to get it all sewn up. My nurse asked me if I wanted to keep the clothes. Now please, we know all the blood, nastiness, yucky stuff that comes with having a baby. And it was all in those pants since I decided to birth him in them. Uh NO!!! Not taking those back, garbage please!! After BD rocked C the whole time the seamstress was having his way with me, C went to the nursery and I went to my room. It was 2:30 am and Big Daddy's remark was "ya know, you're one of those women that can be at work in a field, spit that baby out and just keep working" Gee's thanks, you can go home now!! That baby was beautiful and a celebrity from day one for making such a quick entrance!
C had a fast start and has never stopped. The other 2 boys were just breaking me in for him. He is funny, as you know, harder then hell to raise and loves me dearly. And I love him devotedly! There is not a day that goes by that he has not done something funny, interesting, bad and all 3 combined! I can not imagine our life without him. He wanted for his b-day a smoker(grill), a bag of charcoal, a fold up saw, Lego Star Wars for the Wii and I also got him "Bolt". A wide assortment. The presents are wrapped and hiding in the van until tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is his day and then his party is Saturday. And I am so blessed to have this child in my life!! Happy Birthday C!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Friday Foto Finish!!

Tuesday the 17th, St. Patrick's Day, 8:30am, Brownies!!

Sorry this is short, I'm getting ready for the youth lock-in at church tomorrow, I'm the youth director, and am still feeling painful, so yes, I'm percosetting as I type! And I just realized I need to change the date on my camera, a day behind but then I didn't know it had the date on there!!
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why Wednesday - The Girl

The Girl had a bad day, ALL day yesterday. Even after Big Daddy got home, the mood did not improve.

Big Daddy: Girl, are you being a brat?

The Girl: NO, I being a bad girl!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Friday Foto Finish... C Once Again!!

Oh yeah, C once again.
Tonite we were all in the living room watching reruns, I hate reruns, and C was sitting with Big Daddy in his Big recliner. Conversation goes like this:

C: saying something to Big Daddy in such a low voice none of us can hear, he is rubbing Big Daddy's forehead as he's saying it.

Big Daddy: "Did you say you're glad I'm almost bald cause you like the way my head feels?"

C: YES, it's cool!!

The rest of us: snicker snicker except me busting out!

C: as he is rubbing his chin on Big Daddy's forehead " Oh my gosh, I can feel your brain!"

And C continues to rub his face all over his Daddy's ALMOST bald head cause it feels so good!!!

Me, oh yeah I am laying my head in the pillow on the couch to muffle my outbursts so my husband does not think of anything ugly to say to me cause I know I should not be laughing soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!

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