Tuesday, September 22, 2009

5 Words 4 Kat

My friend Kat over at Heart 2 Heart did a meme last week where you are given 5 random words and you tell what they mean to you.....so of course I asked her to "sock it to me" and boy she did. Kat did an awesome job with hers so here's hoping mine are almost as good!

Friend: Where would we be without friends, ones who keep us laughing, pray with us and stay with us! I am very lucky to have many friends...many I have been blessed with. But God smiled on me as he sent me a couple who help me hold it together in my darkest hours and my BFF whom I know without a doubt I can call in the middle of the night for help, thanks Patsy. But He blessed me also with a friend for this life and beyond... I can not wait to meet my friend Jesus face to face...oh the excitement!!

Reality: Yes, my first thought was TV, I just watched "Dancing With The Stars", LOVE it! But when I go deep and really think about reality, I know that this is something I have tried so hard to escape from over the years...but reality always has a way of catching up to you, and through you. I have avoided Facebook, class reunions, Myspace...my reality is that I am not anything like the person I was...Jesus gave me a second chance...I ran with it! A new reality...a new me!

Breathe: This one is hard for me. This word actually gives me a lump in my throat and makes my chest tight. This word is for the times I have been most stressed out, most upset, and can't breathe. It evokes strong emotion within me of times when I felt helpless.....and all I could do was breathe....one step at a time...and breathe.

Sunrise: I can see it in my mind...the sunrise over misty mountains...a new beginning...a do-over... think about the fact that God gives us a sunrise to mark the new beginning of a new day. But He also gives us a new beginning of a new life in Him. Sunrise can be a reminder of that new life. It's color and beauty and promise.

Broken: Once again, my eyes tear up on this one... I have shared a little of my past. This word probably says more about me and my past than any other word in the encyclopedia. I am finding this one hard to type. So much of my life I lived as a broken child. My heart was untouched...I lived in my own world....sad....and worn. Broken was my past... Fixed is my Present...He did that for me...Hallelujah and Praises to the King On High...my fixer!

Thanks Kat and y'all take a minute to run over and visit her! And if you would like me to send you 5 randoms, oh yeah, I can do that!!


Rachel said...

I relate to broken... and then fixed too. Excellent choice of words!

Shelley said...

These were nice to read about you - you are a strong person with a positive attitude!!

Samantha said...

Enjoyed reading your great list and more about you !!

Becky said...


(you got GOOD words!!)

Edie said...

"my reality is that I am not anything like the person I was...Jesus gave me a second chance...I ran with it!"

I LOVE that!

I think we can all relate to being broken. If we were never broken, we might not ever develop an intimate relationship with Jesus.

Much love to you!

He & Me + 3 said...

Great job on all your answers. Your description of the sunrise was beautiful...So glad we know the Potter that can fix us broken clay pots.
You are beautiful Christian woman Jane!

Heart2Heart said...


Well done! You did a great job putting all these thoughts so beautiful together, woven with the love of Jesus and the grace He has given all of us. Even He would be proud of what you have captured here.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Maricris Zen Mama said...

What a wonderful and touching definition of each words. I enjoyed each one. You're blog looks fabulous btw.

Alicia said...

Wow..that was great Jane!! It's amazing how the Lord can transform our lives, if we allow Him!

Nancy said...

Great words and explinations too....just a great post!!!! Nancy

Nancy said...

Oh I'm gonna take your blog button and post it on my link page :)