Sunday, August 23, 2009

Homeschool Day 1 Starts TOMORROW

I'm generally pretty snap with school starting....this year is different. I have a 9th grader, a high schooler. I'm freaked....I know what I'm doing, all the planning is done...I'm just whack. Thought I'd share what my new days will consist of...

Derek, my 9th grader
English I- I'm using Paradigm and Tapestry of Grace to have Grammar, Composition, Literature and Vocabulary covered.
Math- Algebra I- Video Text
Science-Apoplogia-Physical Science w/Lab (yay!!)
American History-Tapestry of Grace
Foreign Language- German I- The Learnables
Performing Arts-Vocal-Chattanooga Boys Choir
Church History-Tapestry of Grace
Drivers Ed-Online Course, WooHoo!!

Will, my 7th grader
English-Simply Grammar and Tapestry of Grace for Lit and Composition and Vocab.
Math-Teaching Textbooks
Science-Christian Kids Explore Chemistry (yay we get to blow up stuff!)
Bible-Tapestry of Grace
American History-Tapestry of Grace
Spelling- Spelling Power, probably.

Colin, my 2nd grader
Reading-Books, books and more books
Math-Right Start
Science-Exploring God's Creation
Bible-Rod and Staff

Shea, pre-school
She will do Science, Bible and Handwriting with Colin and I. Otherwise, the girl is on her own, LOL!

And it's a given all of the kids have PE outside in the afternoon...I've gotta have coffe and sweets sometime! So there are my days..whew tired already..and praying for a really GREAT year!!


He & Me + 3 said...

You will be so busy. Sounds like it will be a busy but great year.

Alicia said...

Busy, busy! Our year doesn't start till after Labor Day!!!

pam said...

Good luck, I know you will do great!
My kids go to school next Tues!!!

Debbie said...

I'm blown away by how organized you must have to stay! Good for you.

Becky said...

Some people were meant to Homeschool.(You apparently:) and some were NOT (ME!!!! I cannot put enough exclamation points after this)

Good Luck with your exciting year!!!! What a good mom your kids have:)

Heart2Heart said...


I commend you on doing this with all 4 of your kids! They will learn so much more and you will have control over what they are learning and what is being taught.

Can't wait to correspond with you over the school year as I am doing it as well.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Heather said...

Bless your heart!! I may teach 20 first graders but I don't think I could ever be disciplined enough to home school!!!

Scrappy Girl said...

I loved prepping the materials for the new homeschool year. Good luck.

Angie's Spot said...

You never cease to amaze me! I always use you as an example when my friends ask me about homeschooling. You go girl!

Tricia @ 5 Little Monkeys said...

I seriously have no idea how mom's homeschool. You ladies who do it are brave! I think my kids would drive me nuts if they were home all the time.