Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Trim The Fat" Thursday

OK, no weight lose....but no weight gain.
Now as for my goals from last week....YES to them all!!

1. I actually ate breakfast EVERY day during breakfast time!!
2. I kept swimming with the kids and I have the soreness to prove it....
3. I suck at not eating late.

Now this coming week:

1. Get in 4 workouts, either swimming or Pilates.
2. MEASURE myself....from experience I know that the inches will come off of me while the weight will not, at least not as fast...I have to have some type of positives to keep motivated!!
3. STOP eating when I get in from somewhere...I have found when I get home in the evening from being out, whether it's church, grocery store, book store, I tend to eat something....why???

OK that's what on my plate for the coming week. If you would like to join the cast of characters, hook up at Angie's with us!!


Connordog said...

I suck at not eating late too. It's impossible!

Keep up the good work!

Shellmo said...

I've been trying not to eat after 6 pm. - but it is hard!!

Angie's Spot said...

I struggle with eating late at night too! Right now I'm fighting the urge not to go find something in the kitchen to munch on. Grrr. Yay for you on not gaining this week and getting those swim sessions in! Every little bit helps. Keep up the great work girl!

CaraBee said...

I suck at not eating...period. I'm trying to train myself to not eat when I'm bored or every time I give my daughter a snack. It's hard. I also read today that carbs give you a boost in serotonin and thus, a little high, which explains A LOT.

Angela said...

I agree with Cara - think I eat half the time just because it makes me feel good. At least, that is my excuse for eating ice cream right before bed every night this past week! LOL!

I'm doing okay. Got back into workouts this week at least!

Congrats on a steady week and on keeping up the motivation and swimming!