Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Trim The Fat" Thursday

Joining my friend Angie and the other crew for our get in shape adventure.

This week: ZERO pounds lost, bummer.

Now I did not get to the Pilates DVD YET! Instead, we did get our above ground pool set up and I played in it with the kids 2 hrs Monday and 1 hr Tuesday, oh yeah could feel it. I just kept moving!! I did notice I ate a lot more since VBS is over and the stress and activity level for it is gone. I am one of those people whose does not eat when she is stressed or upset. I've always said you could tell how happy I am by how fat I am, LOL!! So goals for this week:

1.Eat Less especially in the evening and start eating breakfast daily.
2.Continue in the pool with the kids or break out the DVD.

OK ladies, let's do it!


Connordog said...

Swimming is great excercise! Keep it up!

Kat said...

Swimming and playing with the kids is great. Even if it's not burning the calories that you aren't eating!

Good luck this week!!

New England Girl said...

Keep up the good work, girl!! You'll reach your goal eventually. :) Have fun playin' with the kiddos and in no time, you won't even have to think about it! And make sure you eat breakfast!!! :)

Have a great weekend. :)

Patrice said...

Your goals are great! You'll be losing weight in no time!

Shannon said...

Well, you may not have lost any... but you didn't gain any, LOL! That's the way I look at it! ;)

I think eating a good breakfast daily will help... that's one of my goals, too!

Shellmo said...

I feel like my puppy is a newborn baby and chasing after it all day and making sure it doesn't poop in the house nor EAT IT is leaving me less time to eat! LOL!

CaraBee said...

No loss, but at least you didn't gain any! Me? I'm up two flipping pounds. Not loving that.

Angela said...

Hang in there! I'm hoping for a better week this week, myself. I bought TONS of healthy food at the store this weekend and hope to eat that all week. It looks like a busy week at work this week, so I am going to focus on consistency and just try for three workouts this week.