Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shea Is All About Having A Buddy!

Colin asked me this afternoon to fix shells and cheese for him, the Velveeta stuff in the box, no big deal. Derek was on the computer and the other kids were in the living room. As soon as it was ready, Colin came and got his bowl and of course Shea tagged along baying "I want some, etc, etc". Colin took his in the living room to eat while I was forcefully stating "DO NOT SIT IN YOU DADDY'S CHAIR". He didn't, he sat on the floor. So I walked Shea's bowl in for her since she'd already had 2 spills today. And man she has tripped over everything today also. I look around and plunk, there she goes again on the ground, what's up with that?? Oh yeah, the food. She runs to the living room, sits as close to Colin as she can get, looks at him and says "Hey there Buddy". That boy had his fork half-way to his mouth and it stopped there. He looked at her like she had grown a beard, he blinked a couple of times, shook his head and kept on eating. I looked at Will on the couch and he was grinning like a cat, yes mine grin, and I walked back to the kitchen to find Derek looking at me going "Did she say what I thought she said?" Oh yeah...that girl knows how to make a friend..uh, buddy!!

One last thing, would you say a prayer for the Keirsey Family tonight please. You've seen the button on my side bar "Praying For Avery", well little Avery Mae will be going to the Lord soon tonight. Her mom, dad, sister and all the other family members need to be uplifted at this very sad time. Thank you.


Scrappy Girl said...

LOL I absolutely love the unsocialized warning in your right column...too funny...we homeschooled for 3 years and those type of questions drove me BONKERS!

Thanks for visiting my blog...I love all the new bloggy buddies I am making through SITS.

I don't get my meal plan anywhere...I just try to stick to 15oo calories daily. I have tried to limit starches and eat alot of fruits and veggies! Because I don't like to cook I eat way too many processed foods.

Nana said...

Oh that is sweet.

I feel for the Keirsey family at this time. Our neighbor just lost their 4 month old boy. It is tough!

Knowing the little ones are with the Lord is the only way I could cope!

Angie's Spot said...

These kids and their funny phrases. Ailey keeps me in stitches most of the time. Here lately everything I ask her to do will be done "in just a moment mom". Too cute!