Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tagged and Yep, Trim The Fat Thursday, And WV!

My friend Sandy from The Adams Family tagged me today. I am to go to my first picture file and post number 10. Now I love these tags...well any tag that has anything to do with pictures is good for me!
This one is quite appropriate! This was on D's first summer choir tour and since he just got back from his 6th tour it's fun to look back at the 1st. And I don't know who had my camera cause that is D in the front seat!! This is just outside of Atlanta. And boy....look at all the fun they're having on that bus, LOL!! Feel free to do this one yourself!!

Ok now on to my favorite subject, my weight! I did not work out once this past week so yes, the DVD is still safely in it's plastic wrapper! Now I have been up and out, as in outside, more then normal. Which is good except my face burns off each time I do it! And now for the big number....... 170, yes down another pound and I have no idea how I did it!!!!!

One more thing and this is really random. I always pay attention to word verification when I leave comments. Now I don't even know if I use word verification so somebody tell me. But I do this little thing of seeing if the WV I get makes word. Now I have come across a few and one or two were pretty good but yesterday I came across my all time favorite....HOMAKE....yeah, so does that mean I am a HO-make or I make-HO!!!! I just LOVE the possibilities.....I know, I'm whacked!


Mary K Brennan said...

What a cute blog. Just wanted to thank you for stopping by. I love to hear from new people.

Design it Chic said...

Oh the word verification cracks me up sometimes too.. i stumbled over some funny options but don't remember any right now!
Anyway, congrats on loosing wight ..even if you don't know how you did it:))).. you better keep doing what you did by now.. and if that implies.. laying on the couch and eat loads of junk food.. then so be it!:)

Happy Thursday Jane!

Heather said...

lol I like looking at the word too!! Congrats on the pound drop!

LenaLoo said...

I love WV randomness... and randomness in general... you make me smile... and your comment box doesn't use WV just to answer your Q :)

Katherine Aucoin said...

Congratulations! i think I found your pound! LOL!

sandy said...

Now doesn't that look cozy?! Thanks for playing along with my tag:)

pam said...

That is the best way to lose, and not even know it!

Edie said...

I'm always checking out the WV too. Sometimes they can be quite interesting. :)

I just scrolled down and checked out your adorable animals. They are so cute. What a housefull you have. :)

I LOVE God's creatures. Unfortunately, or maybe thankfully, my Tobi won't allow another animal in HER house. Well, she would allow a certain Standard Poodle that she has her eye on if the opportunity ever presented itself. LOL.

Tobi is part lab and part chow. The chow part is evident. For a long time I couldn't decide if the other part was golden retriever or yellow lab. There is a picture of her on the sidebar of my personal blog. Her face looks similar to your Lizzy.

Yes you got your entry in just under the wire! I love your wild jungle style. I would have fun doing a blog makeover for you. LOL!

Best wishes to you for the drawing!

Rich blessings!!

Always a Southern Girl said...

I remember taking a youth trip to Atlanta. Fun times.

Congrats on the weight loss.