Sunday, May 24, 2009

C's Worm Poop

C was sitting at the computer the other night while I was getting a flat of stawberries ready to freeze. The computer desk is at the kitchen so we have close quarters and I always know what they're doing since I spend what seems like 80% of my day in the kitchen. Now you know C, and ya never know what will come out of that boys mouth.

C: W's compost pile looks really good.

Me: Great

C: It's really black. I think it's all those banana peels and leaves.

Me: OK

C (very excited): And the worms are pooping too! All those banana peels and grass are coming out in their poop!!

Me: mouth gaped open saying nothing.

Yeah at my house, it's all about the WORM POOP!! I'm tellin' ya, aliens!


He And Me + 3 said...

OH my goodness...he is too funny. Love that picture.:)

Whitney said...

I'll bet when you take those strawberries out of the freezer THAT CONVERSATION is what you'll think of! Ha!