Saturday, January 10, 2009


Thanks Ladies for all your encouraging words about D being gone. It's really been a tough couple of days. I have not slept and had an almost panic attack! Now this is the 6th tour he's been on, I'm not a newbie to this. It helped when I talked to another choir mom tonight, she said she has been having the same reaction this time. We decided it's because this is there first winter tour. Usually they tour only during the summer months. All I know is that I'll be glad when Sunday at 9:30pm rolls around! And oh yeah, this is one of those awesome opportunities for him. He had to come up through the ranks of the training choirs for 2 years until he got promoted up to the Concert choir which is the travel choir. We knew the choir would be able to take him places and give him opportunities to travel and meet people that he would never have otherwise. Traveling is handled very professionally. The whole music staff goes and only 1 or 2 parents and then they have to be in the medical field. So, they always have a nurse or doctor traveling with them. He has been all over the southeast, the southwest, and Ireland. He has sung for Governors and Senators. He has performed in Cathedrals here and abroad and even at Fort Sumter. His choir has been taped for an upcoming PBS program. One of the highlights for me as a parent was last summer when they recorded "I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day" with Casting Crowns for their Christmas CD that came out this past Oct. If I knew how to download from YouTube, I would have done it for you all to hear. To know that he is on a CD that will last through the ages, on a song with so much meaning and sooooo much beauty, just touches my heart. It took a month before I could listen to it without crying. I guess you can tell how proud I am of him. And his father is proud beyond measure for his accomplishments with the choir. Big Daddy has put in alot of time helping with the activities of the choir and has loved it. Big Daddy doesn't sing, but his oldest does, and BD so enjoys it. I do sing, so I always take full credit for D's talent, LOL!! Thanks for listening to the rambling, as I said before, I'll be glad for tomorrow!


He And Me + 3 said...

I think that this opportunity is amazing for him, but I can totally get how you are feeling...shoot I don't even like my kids to ride in someone elses car. LOL
These are memories that are going to be so great for him. Wow...I hope that one of my kids gets an opportunity like this as well. Let us know when he is home!

Amy B said...

I know this must be hard...I kind of get freaked when Reed is gone for a few days camping with the youth group..LOL
Umm...I got tears when I heard the CD too. What a awesome treat it was.
I hope you have a blessed Sunday.

Alicia said...

I would be so darn proud too!!

I'm going to go to YouTube to see if I can find it!! I'm sure it's there!!

Have a wonderful night, and I know you're counting down the hours!!

Becky said...

You will be so glad when he is home in your arms tomorrow, but yet you knew that you let him have the oppurtunity to go and do this! What a great time I am sure he had!
Have a great time tomorrow seeeing your son again!

tara @ kidz said...

9 1/2 hours to go!

I cry every single time I listen to that song too. And it got worse after I knew your song was in the children's choir. I think I've told you that like 5 times now. Sorry I have a tendancy to ramble and repeat myself!

Hugs until 9:30, then your little man can take over the hugging!!!

tara @ kidz said...

OH.... p.s. I (finally) finished up my Christmas thank you cards. I have your card, but I misplaced your address. Do you mind e-mailing it to me? So sorry.

Cassandra said...

What a great opprtunity for him! It sounds so exciting, yet for a Mom I am sure so scary! I pray you are having a much better weekend now!

I have a meme that I tagged you for so come see when you get a chance!

♥georgie♥ said...

you have every right to be a proud mama!!! How exciting!