Monday, December 8, 2008


WHY? That is such a powerful word when you think about it. Cause there are so many answers!

Tomorrow is Wednesday. I have many, many WHY questions rolling around in my head. So on Wednesdays, I will post a WHY WEDNESDAY question. Just ONE question, but one that has really been bugging me. Join me, check mine out and I'll check your's out. This way we can all get different answers to our WHY questions and we don't even have to pay for the psychological services!! And I would much rather find out the answers from ya'll then to let the question just continually bug the hmhm.. out of me! So don't forget WHY WEDNESDAY, one question, many answers!!


angi_b72 said...

This could be interesting!!

lmerie said...

Well, that is a neat idea. ..
WHY daidn't I think of that! hahah

Jen Sue Wild said...

What a great Idea!!

Kristy said...

Ahh WHY Wednesday! Very kewl idea! I'll be back tomorrow SITSta!