Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Views............Jungle Style

Why would the Girl be scared of this????
Show Off!
One of our neighbors made this for us. The wife was sick so he thought this up, put it together, and brought it to us! Love it
Hello, where is the icing supposed to go??
Yes, they were good!
Discovered the Girl is totally different in her decorating style from her brothers, they can't get enough icing on the cookies and the little minimalist puts a drop! Not her mothers child, I say load em up!!
Gosh, did Santa cover the gifts so there would be no 2:00 am peaking???
Just what you want to see and hear at 5:00 in the morning!
And we're putting all this stuff where??
Uh oh, looks like someone needs to go back to bed!! Do I see a scowl on Christmas??
Man, did Mrs. Claus work late last night...uh, this morning!
OK, normally she does not sleep in her food, we do have a bed! Now, if they will all go to sleep and I can get to bed! Bless Coffee!! Hope you enjoyed the little view of the Jungle!


He And Me + 3 said...

How fun! Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas!

lmerie said...

Cutie Patoooooties! They ARE adorable! Love sleepy food photo - sweet dreams!

Becky said...

Look at the cheeks on your little girl in that first picture. What a cutie!! Looks like you guys had a full and busy day!
Merry Christmas!

Nana said...

What a fun day, such cute pictures!

Queenie Jeannie said...

I love your pictures!! Your kids look happy and great!!

Happy almost Anniversary!!!!

nikkicrumpet said...

How cute...looks like everyone had an exhaustingly great time!! I'm glad Christmas brough your family joy and lots of good stuff!

Jen Sue Wild said...

looks like you all had an aswome christmas!!!

sandy said...

Awesome pics! i hope you had a great Christmas:)

Jennifer said...

Very cute pics! Your cookies look delicious!! And the sleeping pic--so cute!!

tara @ kidz said...

WOW. Santa must have brought his extra ginormous bag to fit all those toys in it! You guys got spoiled!!! Love it. I esp love the last pic - priceless!

Davisix said...

OK Jane...that last pic is PRICELESS! That just says it all...LOVE IT and love them all!!!! oxoxo Ang

Lolli said...

Aww! Looks like so much fun! I love the Christmas morning crash on the couch! Priceless! We went out to a movie and I couldn't stay awake, because I was up so late, too.