Tuesday, November 18, 2008


First, contest over at Pretty Organized Palace, join in now! She's the one with the cute Santa button on my sidebar. I just love Pretty, she's got it together. Can't wait for her to wander on over to Tennessee one day and help beautify my "Palace"!!

Now BIG shout out to Home Spun Threads. Aime designed my new header and my BUTTON!! YES, I HAVE A BUTTON!! I LOVE it!!!!! Please feel free to take it at anytime but more then that, please go over and visit Aimee. If you are in need of a button or header or both, that girl can it! Don't ya love the 3-D effect of my button? And how she incorporated my background on my header?? And even my "word" in the corner!! Just run by Home Spun Threads and let Aimee know she's appreciated for beautifying the bloggy world of the jungle!


North Pole said...

Love the new header! I'll someday get my act together and figure out how (call Aimee) to do that. Mines looking a little square:)

I'd LOVE to go to Tenessee! HUGE music history there... and I have a degree in voice so I KNOW my music! I'll have to look you up when I head that direction... it's on my list of places to visit before I die... sooner than later of course!

Pretty Organizer said...

AHHH dork again! I always leave comments signed in as the wrong person... keep forgetting who I am! It's me!!:)

Oh, and by the way... I love the nickname Pretty! I feel so fancy after I read your comments:) Especially if I'm still unshowered and getting ready to scrub my tubs!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Cute, cute, cute!! Love it!

I think you need more of a "square" button to make those necklaces but email Stef and ask!! I love having my own bloggy button to wear! Super cool beans!!

lmerie said...

Hello! So glad you want to play!

Just send me and email with your snail mail to lailani@inapot.com.

Have a Mawwwwwwvelous day!

Angie's Spot said...

Very cute stuff!! And I'm going to grab your button when I do some blog-remodeling of my own this evening. So much to do!