Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I am a very social mama. I do have a good number of friends and one BFF that really knows me best. I enjoy meeting new people and going out with friends. One danger I have found as a SAHM and HSM is the lack of social interaction with women. When my 2 oldest were in public school, I had a whole host of buddies, when I took them out and started homeschooling I now have 1 that keeps in touch. I've made HSM friends but not buddies. I have done direct dales parties the past 6 yrs and have met some great friends, some of who are now buddies, through it. That's how I met Angie and Shannon. But now I've decided to stop with the "home show" circuit. I need more nights at home with the crew and less distractions during the day with school going on. But now I'm scared. How am I going to meet friends? I have church and co-op and such, but how will I satisfy that thing in me that just enjoys meeting other great girls? Let me know where you go and how you go about meeting and greeting and getting to know women that become friends, and if you're lucky, become real buddies.

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Angie's Spot said...

Girl, I feel your pain! When I left my full time job, most of my friends disappeared too. And then with the birth of each child, more friends disappeared. Now, I know that I have a lot of culpability here because I've because I'm awful with phone calls and returning email, but I have felt for many years that I put forth way more effort to keep up friendships than the others. Phew, sorry to unload on ya there. Now for helpful info for you.

Blogging has been an amazing outlet for me. I've met so many brilliant women and had the pleasure of meeting several in person. It's opened up lots of opportunitites, so maybe it can do the same for you. Outside of that, I meet people through the kids activities and through my million part time jobs. LOL!

Hang in there girl. Shannon & I will probably plan a movie night very soon and you'll have to join us.