Saturday, November 15, 2008

Giveaways of Course!!

Had a tip from a domestic goddess that she was doing a giveaway!
And I LOVE my giveaways!!!
I jumped over to her blog and found a kindred spirit.
You've got to check her out Project: Domestic Bliss.
Love her header, I want it except I will be getting a new header and button soon and I can't wait!! So I will let Domestic Bliss keep hers by herself, LOL. Now jump on over and check out her giveaway too!

And since it is the weekend, Kat at Sunshine and Lemonade has her 3rd out of 10 giveaway week going on and it is a gangbuster. I don't know where this girl gets all this stuff to giveaway but I am sooooo thankful!! For all you Twilight fans, go on over there NOW!!

And over at Get The Bean they are having a what else, COFFEE giveaway! And I really want me some Gingerbread Coffee!! I actually live on coffee so I am all over this one also! Go over and check their blog and their store out. Hey, better then Starbucks!!

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